All apps, app files and app leftovers are visually managed in one place.

Bloatware Uninstaller offers a simple-to-use interface to overview app info, review all app files, uninstall apps and remove app leftovers - all in one place. The 3-step uninstall operations are completed with a combination of novie-friendly wizard, assisted with clear instructions.

Automated & uncluttered workflow to remove app files, registry entries and leftovers completely

Bloatware Uninstaller is built for performance, developed in native C++ & no .Net framework required, and built with an automated and streamlined uninstall workflow for everyone, including novice PC users. It is lightweight to use for every PC of any spec. It runs exceptionally well on low-spec Windows XP PC to the latest Windows 10 PC, and even the incoming Windows 11 PC. The nearly complete-automated uninstall wizard is designed for every PC user, who only needs to click on a few buttons for confirmation, and once the highly-optimized uninstall engine completes the job, all of the items will be deleted and erased permanently and thoroughly without any trace.

Powerful and satisfied uninstall experience for every app removal

With Bloatware Uninstaller, you enjoy the unrivaled experience you have ever had for the best Windows program. It can remove everything from the unwanted app, even the most stubborn one, thoroughly with our state-of-art uninstall engine, which has been constantly optimized for nearly 5 years, and updated with a new app database regularly. Besides, in case you can not find the app, due to broken installer, app files or registry entries, the built-in Force Remove feature is handy for effectively locating all of the app's items, including associated files, registry entries and leftovers, and then permanently delete them within minutes.

Robust and well-craft bloatware removal engine

Since the first release in 2016, we have been tracking the new app releases bundled with every new PC from major PC vendors, including laptops and desktop devices, and constantly updated into our app identification database for quick analysis and removal. It is not just a regular Windows uninstaller, with years of continuous development, optimization and a huge database (growing) of custom uninstall packs for specific apps, making it one of the best Windows uninstallers for any app removal. Please check the roadmap for details.

Award-winning technical support

We take every pride in the technical support job provided for every paid user. The exceptional team is of our developers, who will respond to your request directly. You will get a positive response in 1 working day and a confirmed solution up to 5 working days, if needed. If you are a lifetime plan user, you will have a team of developers to resolve your technical issues for a lifetime, period.

The best bloatware & app uninstaller for Windows PC

  • Lightweight & powerful for complete app removal
  • Manage everything in one place visually
  • Automated and uncluttered workflow
  • Lifetime license, lifetime updates/upgrades & lifetime support by developers