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How Bloatware Uninstaller Works

Step 1:Select the Program You Want

When start Bloatware Uninstaller, it will scanned the computer automatically and show you all of applications you installed, you can choose the one app you need to uninstall on the interface, and you also can click on the Refresh button to get a refresh of the installed programs on your PC

Step 2:Click on Run Analysis

Algorithms and technology of the uninstaller will perform a deep and complete scan for the program, and present a full list of associated files and data within a very short time.

Step 3: Click on Complete Removal

When the program scanning and analysis is completed, the Bloatware Uninstaller will provide a removal button, through which user can totally uninstall the unwanted application from his computer

Step 4: Finish the removal, and restart your PC

After receiving a notification of complete removal, please exit the uninstaller and reboot your computer, which get a refresh your computer system.