How can Uninstall NVIDEA Graphics Driver from Window

Uninstall NVIDEA Graphics Driver

Don’t know how can uninstall NVIDEA Graphics Driver on PC? Many people think that removing driver is more difficult than uninstalling the common apps from Windows. Is it true? In fact you can easily handle this removal job as long as get the right way. So maybe you can find a good solution to remove the driver smoothly from your computer.


NVIDEA Graphics Driver is a processing units for gaming and professional markets. It can support those applications and devices who need this specific driver for running, but not a necessary one for the Windows system. So people can choose to install it or not with their needs. And removing this driver will not do any negative effect to the Windows system.

Do you get these issues when remove NVIDEA Graphics Driver?

  • Can’t find NVIDEA Graphics Driver available on the programs list of Windows uninstaller
  • Incomplete of the driver cause it cannot be reinstalled on the computer
  • Unfamiliar error code and alerts display, and interrupt the removal
  • Don’t know where to start the driver removal
  • After performing NVIDEA Graphics Driver removal, some of its preferences and records are still on the PC

Since they are always the common reasons for people to remove this driver, I would like to share some feasible approaches that can help get rid of it.

Uninstall NVIDEA Graphics Driver

1.Recommended: remove it with credible app uninstaller

To get rid of this driver quickly and easily, the most effective way in nowadays is to applying a professional and credible app uninstaller, which can scan out all of components on the computer, and then allow you to completely remove them via clicking on the Remove button. And Bloatware Uninstaller is the reliable one that can support you to totally uninstall NVIDEA Graphics Driver with ease.


  1. Launch Bloatware Uninstaller on the computer, and you will see a list of programs displaying on the interface
  2. Select NVIDEA Graphics Driver, and click on Run Analysis button, the uninstaller will scan all of associate files and data quickly
  3. Continue to click on Complete UninstallYes to start the removal
  4. Then you will see a set-up wizard appear, follow the instructions to complete the first step of removal
  5. After then, click on Scan Leftovers button in the center
  6. Click on Delete Leftovers to remove all of them, and hit OK to finish the removal

To permanently removing NVIDEA Graphics Driver from the PC, you should restart your computer to refresh the Windows system.


2.Conventional way: uninstall NVIDEA Graphics Driver manually on Windows

Removing applications and drivers in Windows’ Control Panel is a standard way that many people would like to uninstall a program. If you can find NVIDEA Graphics Driver available on the programs list in Windows uninstaller, you can also try to remove NVIDEA Graphics Driver in this way:

  • Click on Windows icon to open Start menu
  • Select Control Panel, and Programs and Features


  • Find NVIDEA Graphics Driver on the programs list, and select it


  • Click Uninstall above the list to start the removal
  • Follow the uninstall wizard to proceed the removal
  • When it reminds you to restart the computer, ignore it and don’t restart your PC too soon
  • Considering NVIDEA Graphics Driver usually brings one more programs on the computer, you should take the same removing steps to uninstall other applications
  • When finish, exit the uninstaller and restart the PC
  • After that, search for “regedit” and open it on the system Registry Editor
  • Unfold the registry groups and check them one by one
  • Find NVIDEA Graphics Driver’s registry keys on the list, and export them for backup
  • When complete the back-up, delete them on the Registry Editor

Please note that, once you uninstall NVIDEA Graphics Driver, those applications which need the support of this driver will not work smoothly on the PC.