Completely Uninstall SpyHunter App – SpyHunter Removal Tips

uninstall SpyHunter

Do you think it is extremely difficult to uninstall SpyHunter from the computer? Have you met any problem or trouble when conduct the removal? Don’t be so upset, take the guides below and you will be able to delete this program well.


SpyHunter claims itself as a spyware removal tool that help people to protect their computers from being attacked by spyware and other viruses, but many people feel hard to remove it when there is a need to delete the program from the computer. Most often this program cannot be removed or removed completely, and cause a series of further issues which are out of control for the common people. So, let’s see what are the most common problems of removing SpyHunter, and how can uninstall SpyHunter well from the PC.

General issues of removing the program

  • Several files of SpyHunter cannot be cleared with the program removal
  • SpyHunter cannot be uninstalled for encountering a runtime error
  • Installed app is not compatible with SpyHunter, so the program cannot installed and uninstalled properly on the computer
  • SpyHunter still try to launch automatically after removing it from PC

How can uninstall SpyHunter completely and successfully

I just installed SpyHunter (version ssssssssssss) on my PC, and would like to show you several ways (manual and easier ways) to remove SpyHunter thoroughly from the device.

Option 1: get Windows uninstall support to remove SpyHunter

  • Right-click on the task-bar, and click Task Manager
  • Find the processes belonging to the SpyHunter, and disable it
  • Right-click on Windows icon on the left side of the task bar, and click the first item Programs and Features


  • Windows uninstall panel will be opened, highlight SpyHunter on the list, and click Uninstall


  • Choose English on the list of languages, and click OK


  • Click Yes to make you want to continue the removal


  • After finish the removal, click to restart your computer


  • When log in the Windows system again, type “regedit” in the Windows search box
  • Click to open regedit on the result to open Registry Editor


  • Identify the registry keys of SpyHunter in the registry groups, and delete them completely
  • Check out the installation folder of SpyHunter, and make sure it has been disappeared from your computer.

Important note about registry removal: since many important system registries contained in the Registry Editor, manual error is very easy to be made by the common users, so it is suggested to export the registry you are going to delete for back up.


Option 2: uninstall SpyHunter quickly with advanced uninstaller

Applying professional uninstaller is an effective removal way to get rid of unwanted applications on the computer, it can make the removal completely and much easier to handle than the manual way, and people can get a fast and thorough removal for the unwanted program like SpyHunter. So, to uninstall SpyHunter, you also can use an advanced uninstaller like Bloatware Uninstaller to perform the removal for you.

  • Launch Bloatware Uninstaller on the computer, and select SpyHunter on the interface
  • Click Run Analysis button at the bottom right corner to let the uninstaller to scan the associated files on the computer

uninstall SpyHunter

  • Click Complete Uninstall to start the removal


  • Follow the instruction in SpyHunter Setup window to finish the first stage of removal
  • Restart the computer as the wizard prompt to you


  • Open Bloatware Uninstaller again, and click Delete leftovers button to totally¬†uninstall SpyHunter


Option 3: restore your system to a point before the program get installed (rare use)

In addition to the above ways to remove SpyHunter, there is still another way which is also feasible for deleting the program from computer, which is restoring your computer system to a previous point which the SpyHunter has not been installed on the PC, but remind that, if one choose to restore the Windows system to a previous point, those data and apps he got after this point will also be totally cleared from your PC. Therefore, it is usually not recommended to use this way to uninstall SpyHunter or other unwanted applications.