How to Properly Remove VPN Unlimited in Windows OS?

Browse this page for solutions to remove VPN Unlimited from your PC. Through the reading you would have a clear understanding about how to correctly uninstall programs in Windows.

VPN Unlimited

If you want to get access to otherwise restrict websites, but you do not trust your WiFi connection, VPN Unlimited can be a great choice. If you don’t need it anymore, you may refer to the tutorials and learn how to effectively remove VPN Unlimited in Windows.


How to Manually Remove VPN Unlimited in Windows?

First of all, the account you’re using to login the system should have the administrative rights, which allow you to make changes on the operating systems without providing password. But if your system never had a second account, ignore this, then start the removal right away:

1. Shut down VPN Unlimited.

Quit the VPN Unlimited program from running in the background no matter what. It may not be necessary towards the removal of some programs, but just in case.

2. Remove VPN Unlimited by activating its built-in uninstaller (2 Options).

Start menu: Right-click on the Start button and select Programs and Features > Double-click VPN Unlimited to activate its default uninstaller

Start screen: Click Start > Click the Down arrow > Locate and double-click on VPN Unlimited > Uninstall.

(Note: If you can’t find the program in the list, try to locate the Unins000.exe in C:\Program Files (x86)\VPN Unlimited\, and double-click on it.)

3. Confirmation.

If you haven’t shut down the program in the beginning, you will receive the message below. Just follow the on-screen instruction to confirm the uninstall, and wait for the built-in uninstaller to finish its part. Then we get to clean out the lingering files.


4: Open the Windows Registry Editor (2 Options).

Start menu: Click Start > enter “regedit” in the search box.

Start screen: Hit Windows key + C on your keyboard to open the Charms > Select Search > enter “regedit” in the input field.

5. Delete the remaining files (entries) to fully remove VPN Unlimited from your PC.

Now you’re removing the files that regular uninstall might leave behind. Before doing this, you might want to read How to Back up & Restore the Registry in case of any mistaken deletion.

A lot of keys named after the program’s name or as a mix of numbers and letters that probably make no sense that belong to different programs are contained in the Uninstall folder. Check if you can see this folder: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\KeepSolid Inc. If found, delete them to completely remove VPN Unlimited.


6. Restart your PC to take effect.

Then check your system tray (right end of the taskbar) and Task Manager (press and hold Ctrl + Alt + Del to open), if you don’t see VPN Unlimited persist then the removal was successful.

If the program fails to uninstall, there may be another program on your computer blocking it. Try to remove VPN Unlimited in Safe Mode. For information on how to boot to Safe Mode, see:

Windows 7:

Windows 8/8.1/10:

Easily, Quickly Remove VPN Unlimited with Bloatware Uninstaller

This method applies to all the popular Windows systems, saving troubles and possible risks during the conventional removal. The following short video will give you a quick view of how it works:

Then here are the steps:

1.Download & install Special Uninstaller.

Click any of the blue download buttons on the page to download & install Bloatware Uninstaller, then run it.

2. Remove VPN Unlimited.

Select VPN Unlimited in the Programs list, and click Run Analysis to start scanning its files. Then keep all the files checked, click Complete Uninstall on the right to delete them.

Remove VPN Unlimited with Bloatware Uninstaller



3. Delete the registry entries.

Click Scan Leftovers, and you will see a list of deleting files and registry entries (leftovers) of the program. You can review the list for details including their names and locations, then click Delete Leftovers to fully remove VPN Unlimited.



4. Check whether VPN Unlimited has been removed.

Clicking Back to step1 will bring you back to the list of currently installed programs, so that you can check whether the uninstall was successful.

You can also play this short example video to learn the whole process:


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